After several years of experience in the field of mining activities, including exploration, extraction, processing and trade of minerals, we decided to take a big step in the field of providing consulting and technical economic services of mining and commercial activities with our experience and knowledge. In this regard, Rasam Mining Group was formed by bringing together experienced specialists who have been working in all sectors of mining, trade and international relations and investment for many years.

Buying and selling mines

Buying and selling minerals

The senior team of Iran Mines Group is ready to provide full-time technical and economic advice in the field of mining and minerals investment to our valued customers.

The missing link is the revitalization of small mines
It would not be wrong to admit that the aspirations and concerns of the miners and miners have been to attract stray micro-capital in this economic cycle and the prosperity of the mines. Creating a safe and secure environment for investors to do this was experienced in different ways. One of the most important and significant parameters of unattractiveness and unwillingness of small capital investors has been the high risk of exploration operations in this sector at all times. Another important issue is the accurate recognition of actual and potential potentials, and finally, recognizing and reducing risk and creating investment incentives in the framework of building trust in this section is summarized and figured out.
In this regard, the research and studies have shown the need to create intermediate specialized groups and companies in order to identify the desired potentials in three areas, reduce operational risk (by breaking and dividing risk in subsidiaries) and find and work together. Let small investors manage their activities.
These mineral groups, by gaining the trust of the owners of mining licenses, after reviewing and preliminary studies, by accepting the risk of exploration and investment in this sector by themselves, reduce the initial risk to attract small investments to a minimum and increase the attractiveness of investment. In this sector, they doubled the incentive for investment by micro-investors and the formation of an integrated financial unit and economic prosperity.
This mission led us to use the experienced scientific staff to achieve the above goals and, in addition to 20 years of experience in the field of exploration and exploration, extraction and processing, while reducing the risk of operations, set up economic and industrial mining units. Let it be said that this seems to be the “missing link in this process”.
The specialized process took place in such a way that for many years, with the combination of different specialties in the mining sectors, including exploration, extraction, processing and trade, and field study of the status of mines, as well as understanding the consumer market of subsidiaries, independently under The management of the unit accepted the risk of each department and all activities led to the formation of the mining group.
Rasam Mining Group consists of Rasam Pursuit Companies with the field of initial exploration and exploration, Omid Earth Sciences with the field of geophysical activities, Zarrin Kaniab with the field of extraction and processing of minerals and Zaradineh in the field of mineral trade in order to achieve the objectives. Professionally, the communication trick between the silent mines and the investors was crushed. In this regard, mines such as Khezrabad iron ore, Pirhajat coal, feldspar and Negin copper, Khatibi copper, Kamar Mehdi coal, Daran iron ore, Ardakan iron ore, which were in a state of uncertainty and in a row of mines, were determined by the specialized activities of this group and Led to the flow of economic activities or lack of exploitation due to lack of economic justification.
One of the most significant cases is the Khezrabad iron ore mine, which has been closed for 3 years and has not been active. The province was informed that this process has occurred repeatedly in other mines by this group.
At the end of the missing link, the revitalization of small mines depends on specialized activities, recognition and exploration of existing potentials, recognition of small capitals and communication between them.

Specialized areas of supply of raw materials
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